Market Intelligence and Market Mapping .

Regardless of the strength of your employer brand, or the effectiveness of your recruitment advertising, there will be times when you have a particularly senior or sensitive vacancy, or you need to identify potential candidates with highly specialist and rare skills, and in these situations you may need a more proactive approach in order to find the talent you need.

To better understand the potential candidates that may meet your requirements, you will need to analyse the market. You might need to research the employees of your direct competitors, or a range of target organisations from other territories or industries that you know will have the people you are looking for.

In today’s world of online data and social media, much of this information is available online, but to access this data and turn it into meaningful insight is a specialised process, one that AZK uses every day to unearth the best talent for its clients. Our search goes beyond borders while profiling candidates for scarce resource.

Very few employers have either the capability or the capacity to manage this depth of research within their internal Talent Acquisition team, and so many come to AZK to take advantage of its expertise in this area. AZK consulting offers market mapping as a standalone service, enabling employers to reduce their reliance on Executive Search firms, and hence reduce their costs. By outsourcing the most time-consuming, and arguably most difficult part of the Executive Search process, employers benefit not only from reduced costs, but also from far wider and deeper market insight that can be kept for future use. The product of a Market Mapping project is not simply a shortlist of candidates for a role, it is the profiles of every person of interest that research uncovers.

Our Market Mapping service can then be taken to the next stage, where candidates identified through the research are contacted to determine their interest in exploring an opportunity with your company.  AZK offers solutions to relocation and immigration areas.  This reduces the workload placed on your internal team and enhances your chances of success.