Recruitment Process Augmentation .

As the leading provider of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) in the USA and Canada, AZK recognizes that many companies prefer to keep their Talent Acquisition function in-house. For these employers, regardless of how capable the in-house team is, there will inevitably come a time when that team, and your business, would benefit from additional support.

It may be that your hiring volumes increase to the point where your internal team can’t manage, expansion to a new territory where you are not set-up to deliver, or that you need access to highly specialist candidates that you don’t have internally. Whatever the reason, it is important to ensure that the way in which you meet that need complements your existing function seamlessly.

By bringing AZK’s specialized resources into your talent acquisition function, your internal team will be supported and be able to meet the demand from the business – the level of service they provide to the business will not be impacted, in fact it’s likely to be improved.

AZK’s specialists are accustomed to tailoring the way they work so that it fits into your internal processes. They have also worked with all the major systems, so your data integrity and management reporting remain intact.

Very often when additional resources are required, the default option is to engage recruitment agencies to provide sourcing support whilst the internal team focus on customer management, assessment and administrative tasks. Inevitably, this has a significant impact on costs as well as the candidate experience – two things you have worked hard to improve through an internal recruitment model. By outsourcing specific tasks to a specialist provider who is experienced in delivering these tailored services, your internal recruitment team simply enjoys an enhanced level of delivery capability for the duration that it’s required.

The Recruitment Augmentation model ensures that you own everything that is delivered. You don’t pay for candidates that we find – they’re all your candidates. Whether you hire them or not, they become part of your talent pool, further enhancing your ability to source directly in the future. Sourcing is arguably the most critical element of any successful Talent Acquisition team, which is why we have specialists dedicated to sourcing in all RPO solutions. It’s also why AZK offers sourcing as a standalone service, on either a project or outsourced basis, based either onsite in your offices or remotely in AZK’s offices. If your in-house team could benefit from enhanced sourcing capability, let us show you how we operate, and how we help to ensure your internal team delivers higher quality candidates more quickly and at lower cost.