Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) .

The RPO Association defines RPO as “a form of business process outsourcing (BPO) where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external service provider. An RPO provider can provide its own or may assume the company’s staff, technology, methodologies and reporting. In all cases, RPO differs greatly from providers such as staffing companies and contingent/retained search providers in that it assumes ownership of the design and management of the recruitment process and the responsibility of results”.

AZK Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions include the design of a tailored hiring process, managed through world-class recruitment technology and delivered by our outstanding team of Recruitment professionals.

No two organisations have the same requirements, so every client’s RPO solution is unique and optimised to ensure the delivery of desired outcomes. AZK delivers improvements in cost, speed, quality of hire, and at the same time ensures that fluctuating demands can be accommodated.

AZK becomes an extension of your HR function and is aligned to your brand and values, so AzK consulting Inc. represents you in the market as though part of your business. This improves the candidate experience, further enhancing your ability to attract the best talent.

AZK’s RPO solutions can be delivered from your offices, from our offices, or a combination of the two, where our Service Delivery locations in Houston, TX and Edmonton, AB manage sourcing and administration in support of onsite teams.

The scope of any RPO engagement is flexible. Regardless of whether you require support in one area of your business, or with one element of the hiring process, our objective remains the same; to improve your ability to engage and hire the very best talent available.

AZK’s RPO model brings together world-class recruitment services, to create a solution that meets your specific needs. The dedicated implementation team will design and build a solution, including people, process and technology, combined with deep sourcing expertise ensure a continual supply of pre-screened candidates into your very own talent pool.

You will also receive Management Information and insights on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, to demonstrate how AZK is transforming your talent acquisition capability and the impact this is having on your business.

If you want to save money, improve the quality of hires your business makes, and accelerate the speed at which it makes them, AZK can design and manage the Talent Acquisition solution to make this happen.