Recruitment Training & Development .

AZK’s Building Talented Teams development programmes are designed to provide Recruiters and Hiring Managers the skills, expertise and best practice to identify, assess, hire and build the most talented teams possible.

Modular – the programmes are built in a modular way, promoting practical application supported by a hybrid coaching approach incorporating AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions. This approach ensures it is relevant to a range of audiences, whether full training or as part of refresher training for experienced individuals and teams.

Bespoke – AZK’s bespoke design approach allows tailored programmes aligned to existing set up and process, regardless of how basic or advanced that may be, so they are relevant as possible to how your business operates.

End-to-End – the majority of programmes of this type tend to focus purely on interview skills training or one part of the hiring process. AZK’s programmes can encompass the full hiring lifecycle from resource planning through to onboarding.

  • Building Talented Teams for Recruiters
  • Building Talented Teams for Hiring Manager