Executive Search .

All companies have critical roles within their business where the productivity of those individuals has a disproportionate impact on overall company performance. All C-level roles are critical but seniority is not the only factor; most companies have roles at a variety of levels, for which finding the best talent in the market is key to business performance. The ability to successfully secure the best talent for these critical roles is a competitive advantage.

AZK’s has led strategic hiring programmes both as external consultants and as in-house experts. AZK understands the unique challenges of the market and what makes a search successful over and above a filled position at the end of the process.

AZK has delivered several Executive Searches for clients across the region, and because of our roots in Recruitment Process Outsourcing, the Executive Search capability is different. It is not an agency model that sits between clients and candidates – it acts an extension of the client, working to meet their objectives. All of the insight and candidate data is the client’s. Finally, AZK is far less restricted by off-limits list than other Search firms, giving clients access to a far wider talent pool from a broader target list of companies.

AZK leverages deep skills in Market Mapping to identify top talent for critical hires at all levels across a wide range of industries.

Many of our clients have a backlog of projects that only seems to grow. Their employees equipped to lead or execute projects are already spread thin, so the projects often fall in the lap of a staff member who does not have the capacity to see the work through. Working under the direction and guidance of our clients our professionals provide additional resources so that deadlines can be met without interrupting the flow of daily business.